John Fraser's School
Dates of Operation: 1760s - 1803
NAMELOCATIONDATESPublick English School, John Fraser's Schoolcorner des Jardins/Donnacona1778 - 1803John Fraser's Schoollocation(s) unknown1760s - 1778Although John Fraser was not the city’s first official schoolmaster, he was the longest-serving official schoolmaster in the 1700s and may have founded the first English-language school in the city. Fraser fought alongside the 78th Fraser Highlanders in the battle of the Plains of Abraham and established a school sometime after his discharge. In 1765, Patrick McClement was named the city’s first schoolmaster and Fraser continued to seek recognition from the government. This occurred in June 1769, when he became the third person to be appointed "Official Schoolmaster at Quebec,” which entitled him to a government subsidy of £30 per annum. He continued to receive annual subsidies until his death. Fraser provided an elementary education to an average of 10-20 pupils of both sexes per year, most of whom were Protestants. When Fraser died in 1803, Daniel Wilkie’s School was established in the same building.
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